A new blogger on the scene

Greetings all, ( hopefully many )
I’m writing to you on my lunch break, here at Meharry Medical College, the institution that I now call my home. Some days ago, I was asked for the umpteenth time, how do I [fill in esoteric computer task here ] .

I’d had enough, primarily because most of the solutions I provided were often searched-for on google seconds later.

Then it hit me, I was daily asked about combining PDFs, deleting download folders, purchasing apps etc, because my fellow students simply didn’t have time to learn what I had now come to see as second nature….

And thusly, this blog was born – to serve the almighty student need, efficiency .
Each of the apps, devices, workflows, and and suggestions I provide will be uniquely suited for the busy student or rather aptly chosen.

This is going to be a Mac-heavy blog. I apologize, I know Mac users are snobs, rich kids, cake eaters, and pawns of ‘the system’ , but frankly, the next time you’re sitting in the front of a class, turn around, and tell me if you don’t see an orchard of apple computers…let’s face it people, iPads are taking over, and tech is becoming more and more accessible every day, largely as a result of Apple Inc.’s efforts.

Any time I am asked a question, I’ll create a blog post that summarily( I hope) answers it. Likewise for a problem I face and solve via endless google searches.

Follow the links, read the posts, comment for my ego.



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