…”and he had such a commanding (internet) presence!”

As you know I’ll, I seem to be perpetually  surrounded by great people.

Admittedly, it is a wonderful problem to have, as they are an endless source of wisdom and inspiration, as Meharry frequently accepts students who are described as  “nontraditional” they often lived relatively full lives prior to entering the exile of medical school. Some were engineers, others received their  MPH degree ( public health.) And others still were ( much to my benefit), models, and graphic designers. As such they have been an endless source of new ideas and suggestions for controlling one’s Internet presence, as well as suggestions for developing a well-defined persona for interviews, speaking engagements, conferences, startups, etc.

These are but a few of the systems I’m now employing. (those of you without degrees/jobs – feel free to benefit from the links…those of you who are established…feel free to give me your own recommendations)

Business Cards:

Moo Printing:

– It seems the times are changing, and some of the world’s expectations along with them. I was recently in a discussion with a rising 3rd-year med, who was convinced that within the
next 10 years, the use of programs like photoshop would be as commonplace and expected as Microsoft Word was not to long ago. In this world of video resume’s and expanding
digital presences, I decided to (finally) make a paper business card.

Moo printing has a modern approach to these cards, allowing for images, QR codes, and other materials to be added to the card, usually with a flare for modern design. (please, tell me what you think of the image side of my own.) One of my older family members felt that any business card with your picture on it was “tacky” – (He/she doesn’t use photoshop as you can imagine)


500 px:

Social Media:






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