The Cords of Billroth

Ok. I had to write a post because that is just Cool, like something out of a sci-fi film. The CORDS OF BILLROTH (insert James Earl Jones here) are just some canals in your spleen, but they highlight a bigger concept.

2nd year is cool.

We just finished a block on the hematology (bloodiness), Lymph (protectiness), and Musculoskeletal (boniness) aspects of the body. I have had quite a few “wow! that’s cool!” moments here at school – but this last week was nothing but an incessant stream of them.

Here’s you’re (that’s funny) story for the day.

I like to believe that I am not a squeamish person. In fact, I’ll just come out and say it, outside of spiders, and…well, anything creepy-crawly like that, I’m pretty tough. If it smells, spurts, bubbles, or curdles…I’ll usually be alright. (It’s the only way I can stand living with all of those dishes I refuse to do) I was standing outside of TGI friday’s at about 6 yesterday, rewarding myself for having achieved nothing during the day – when a lady strolled up next to me and proceeded to vomit the entire contents of what I imagine was her lunch.

There’s a saying – when in Texas, think Horses…not Zebra’s – often aimed at excitable M2’s who want to be the first to catch Boorhave’s syndrome (thank’s ANW…) as it starts. (This was only worsened by a friend of mine at U Rochester who sent me an article about their medical students saving a father and two daughters from drowning in a canal) As you can imagine, I immediately went through a rather short and disjointed differential…DKA, Hemochromatosis, Trauma, pyloric stenosis…all of the dumbest possible options I could have picked…the last one is not even associated with adults. So…iPhone in hand, I did what I was trained to do…walked over and said,

“…’am (this is the south)…are you…um…are you ok?”

– no response…just more watery afternoon delight.

“ma’am…are you ok? ”

(I couldn’t believe that 1 year of ER scribing, and 1.2 years of Medical school had left me less equipped to deal with a vomiting bystander than 2 years of elementary school.)

“ma’am…are you ..” finally she turned and gave me the classic “can’t you see i’m vomiting here?” look, spat out the rest, and continued with her day.

Rather makes it hard to go back and read Robbin’s pathology, when you realize that you haven’t learned basic survival support.

oh well. 2nd year is still a blast.


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