Has it really been that long?

Greetings and salutations all,
forgive me for the incredible hiatus that I have (apparently) taken while “in da books”. I thought I would describe some of the incredible creativity that I am surrounded by at almost all times.

It seems our professors do their best to provide the full gamut of teaching styles, from tear-inducing (boring) to downright hilarious, we’ve been besieged these last few months with about 30 different PhD’s, M.D.s PDF’s, and MP3s, (see what I did with that?) who each focus on the pharmacology, physiology, pathology, (and sometimes even clinical medicine?) of the various organ systems of the human body.

We are indeed lucky enough to have one of the esteemed “kaplan” professors as our pathology prof. Dr. C, (as I’ll call him from henceforth) makes every effort to keep students awake during his lectures. It seems he is entirely unburdened by political correct-ness, and has more than once finished a lecture with a quick witted phrase that left more than a few mouths agape.

ah yes, here’s one:

Professor C. : “And class, when do you see fatty change in the liver?”
Enterprising (show-off) student: “whenever more than 8 oz of 80-proof alcohol is ingested in a 24-48 hour period”
(multiple students let out a low curse )
Professor C : Wrong!
(collective gasp)
It happens whenever Mr. Johnson gets an A or an F on an exam!
(Collective laughter – minus enterprising student)
Professor C: Just kidding – you’re completely write [enterprising student ] your sharp man, sharp. Epididymus – on the ball.
Enterprising Student: clear signs of silent self praise

In case you missed this joke…look up the location of “the ball” on which the epididymus is so proudly placed.

Most days are this entertaining – filled with some student-driven incident, or non-medical epiphany.
However, every so often – there are days that are special. Instead of write about it – I thought i’d embed a video of a classmate of mine who noticed cardio notes written in dry erase marker on the mirror of one of our peers. Like any red-blooded american, he decides to approach the notes “creatively”. His “off-the-cuff” reaction will amaze you. ( the first 10 seconds are merely a lead-in beat.)


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