Disruption and Digital, my two favorite words…


Join us on April 26, 2013 as we envision the future of medical education.

Millennial Medicine will be a unique, one day symposium that focuses on creative solutions to the grand challenges facing medical education today. Our goal for “Millennial Medicine: Knowledge Design for an Age of Digital Disruption

“What is that you say? Disrupting medicine?” [Some of you stopped reading there.]

For the remaining few, I thought I would share some interesting events/opportunities on the “meded” horizon. Some classmates and I have been somewhat heavily invested/interested in the culture change swallowing the medical field over the recent (read: decades-old) period. Frankly, it’s the same one that attacked the music industries with Napster, Emails with Mailchimp, Phones with…”i” ?, and more importantly twitter, Facebook, square, and LORE . The “digital revolution.”

Sure, we’ve had computers in medicine for years, and most of the doctors I know are more than comfortable with the increasingly digital world. My professors (and my sources tell me your professors too) however are just beginning to  catch on to this new way of thinking. Here are just a few of the changes I witnessed in the last 365 days.

1. A 70 year old anatomy professor goes from printed pdf’s and a whiteboard to teaching his lectures with an ipad wirelessly projected onto the 10 screens of his anatomy lab. (even know I claw at my beard with joy)

2. A team of students does questions “together” not on paper and pencil, but via iPad-projected question banks

3. Fundraising at all levels stops requiring cash donations and adopts Square

4. Students submit challenging questions, explanations, and sources online into an ever-ready (free) repository of medical (Awesomeness!) education.

5. Professors figured out how to effectively serve secure quizzes online. (with frequent – and almost annoying notifications of material changes popping up on student’s phones)

6. The iPad mini appears in lab coats. (the original ipad was forced in by some…but always looked imbecilic

7. Medical student designs his OWN software (no…not me) for the above mentioned repository, then creates an iOS app for it.

Pretty cool huh? – I may have to cut this post short, as there is yet much work to do, but it seems there are many changes inbound, (most of which are …FREE?)

I’ll keep you, and myself updated.




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