Thought of the day.

“Nothing helps a patient more than putting them in a position to help someone else”

– For those of you that have been patients, how do you think your doctor could help you help others?



  1. A doctor who recognizes that you are not compliant in terms of visits because you are irresponsible but rather because sometimes you have too many other responsibilities in your life. A doctor that makes you feel better is understanding and helps you take steps even baby steps to getting your life under control so you can be more compliant. I experienced that at my dentist yesterday.

    Shirley Hinson


  2. Help patients help themselves! Doctors should help patients feel empowered to take control of their own health and life situations – this in turn can help them to care for others and pass that on. An empowered patient who feels more in control of their lives can become a better caretaker for others whether they are a parent, a friend, a child-caretaker for an aging parent, or just as a community member. I believe this is of the utmost importance in underserved communities – when everything is so often spinning out of control for these patients, good doctors, who involve patients as partners in their care, can help them feel like they have the power to change their own lives.

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